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A very worried man is looking at his computer tablet, wondering if he will have enough time to complete his tasks before the big event.

Not enough time to do it all?

Event Marketing is a LOT– planning, budgeting, coordinating, and collaborating, while hitting huge business goals. Help is needed without the commitment of hiring or the stress of finding reliable freelancers.
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One of our organised staff members, calmly checking our list twice, to make sure it was completed and ready for the big event.

Planner Pal can help!

Now you can outsource tasks to a senior, experienced event marketer with flexible terms, fair prices, and a low training burden.

Why use Planner Pal?


No Commitment

No contracts or long-term commitments. Only pay for the time you need, no strings attached.


Get help ASAP! Begin assigning tasks within 24 hours of signing up. No complicated onboarding necessary.


Much better than a VA- you’ll be working with a senior-level event marketer who really *gets* events and delivers high quality results.

Transparent Pricing

You’ll know how many hours a task will “cost” before deciding to add it to the queue.

How Planner Pal can help

Whether you need help with time-consuming research, high-level strategy, or something in-between, Planner Pal gets it done!

Strategy & Planning

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Evaluate sponsorship opportunities
bullet point
Help set goals
bullet point
Create processes


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Find event venues
bullet point
Research vendors & service providers
bullet point
Find speakers


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Book calls or tours with providers
bullet point
Order & send swag
bullet point
Make travel arrangements

Brainstorming & Creative Ideation

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Trade show booth concepting
bullet point
Creative event ideas
bullet point
Swag and gifting ideas

Marketing & Communication

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bullet point
Pre- and Post-Event Marketing Plans
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Sales enablement

How Planner Pal Works

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Step 1

Sign Up

Purchase hours and schedule your onboarding call, where we’ll get to know you and your team’s needs.


Add tasks and deadlines in your dedicated project management board.


Your Planner Pal will let you know how many hours each task will take. Once you approve, the task will be added to the active queue.

Let the Magic Happen

Rest easy knowing your Planner Pal is on it! Follow along and view updates as your tasks are completed.

Work with Planner Pal

Book a call

Learn more about how Planner Pal works and how we can help you


$6000 ($75/hr)
  • Monthly subscription – 6 month minimum
  • Use it or lose it – Hours do not roll over from the previous month
  • Includes up to six 30-minute alignment calls
  • Not available for first-time clients
  • Set up a call to learn more!
$4000 ($100/hr)
Includes 30 minute onboarding call (for new clients)+ four 30-minute alignment calls
$2500 ($125/hr)
Includes 30 minute onboarding call (for new clients)+ two 30-minute alignment calls
$1500 ($150/hr)
Includes 30 minute onboarding call (for new clients)+ one 30-minute alignment call
Headshot of Planner Pal Founder, Kera Wright


I’m Kera, Founder of Planner Pal

For nearly a decade, I’ve worked as an Event Marketer…most times as a team of 1, with a never-ending to-do list, ambitious goals, and a highly visible and scrutinized job. I had a ton of fun but was certainly stressed along the way!

I started Planner Pal to help anyone overwhelmed by events to expand their capacity and deliver results while working with a trusted, experienced partner who has been in their shoes. I’m really excited to meet you, dive right in, and start easing the pressure!
Graduated from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. Hoya Saxa!
Featured as a speaker on Zuddl “Event Heroes” and Exit Five Podcasts.
Winner of 2019 Channel Partner Expo’s best 10x10 booth design
Conceptualized and planned "Burgers, Beer & B2B Sales" 3-city roadshow, attracting over 900 registrants and $30k in sponsorships
Owned strategic planning & execution of Aircall’s presence at high-profile trade shows like Dreamforce, INBOUND, and Zendesk Showcase, generating tens of thousands in qualified pipeline.


What our clients say

Headshot image of Ryan Janoch, Co-founder, Mapistry
Headshot image of Carly Pallis, Chief of Staff, Pavilion
Headshot image of Shauntle Barley, Head of Growth, Maestro QA

Ryan Janoch


Kera was fantastic to work with by bringing organization and best practices to our chaotic event process, as we brought her on late in our schedule. However, what I appreciated most was her ability to offer high level events strategy and creativity while "rolling up her sleeves" and executing on events. It's rare for someone to be able to do both well. Kera is easy to work with, very prepared, and made my job infinitely easier. I highly recommend Kera for any event focused company that wants new ideas, the organization and focus to execute them, and the strategic partnership of a veteran field marketer!

Carly Pallis

Chief of Staff

Kera is truly a one-of-a-kind event marketer. Her creativity, drive, and passion for delivering work that always exceeds expectations is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. She gives her all in the work that she does, while holding those around her accountable for doing the same — ultimately elevating the work of her collaborators and driving meaningful change within the organization. Kera is curious, thoughtful, and transparent in all that she does. She's a true asset to any team.

Shauntle Barley

Head of Growth
Maestro QA

Kera is very organized and professional, which makes her great to work with. She's able to align events with strategic company initiatives and execute them. She's the type of person who always follows up and delivers on what she says she'll do. We've partnered on joint events together in the past, and it's so easy for me to recommend Kera because she's the real deal.


When do my hours expire?
For most packages, you have 6 months to utilize your hours. Just be sure to provide reasonable notice on tasks so we can meet your deadlines! Hours purchased with a monthly subscription expire at the end of that month.
How long does each task take?
Once you share details, we’ll let you know how many hours the task “costs” and you can decide if you want to add it to the work queue. We’ll be sure to have it done by the deadline! (or let you know before accepting if we have concerns)
How will we keep track of tasks?
All tasks will be tracked using! You and your team will have full visibility.
Does all the work have to be task-based? Can you just run my events for me?
Yes, all work must be requested as a specific task with a deadline. We find this is the best way to ensure alignment, meet your expectations, and immediately add value. If that sounds daunting, don't worry! We can use your alignment calls to get clear on your priorities and build out the tasks together. And remember, Planner Pal can help with logistics and strategy.
Are there any tasks you won’t accept?
We’ll let you know if anything requested is outside the realms of our expertise or capacity. We highly encourage you to schedule an intro chat before signing up to get to know each other and make sure it’s a good fit.
How will we communicate? Can I Slack or call you if I have questions?
Each package comes with an onboarding call for new clients, plus a specified amount of alignment chats. Besides that, we will work asynchronously. If you have any questions or concerns, just leave a message on your Monday board or email us and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.
Do you offer refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds. However, rest assured we’ll do all that we can to ensure you are happy with our services!